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C/ Albert Einstein 44, Edif. 6, Ofic. 309 (Parque Tecnológico de Álava) Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava 01510, ES


Creation of experimentation spaces in mobility and logistics

The tender for contracting the technical assistance for the creation of controlled experimentation spaces for the testing of innovative solutions in mobility and logistics in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Territory of Araba is opened.

Esperimentatzio-guneal argazkia

The city of Vitoria-Gasteiz is an international example in terms of mobility and sustainability, and we want it to continue to be so. Furthermore, at the Foundation we are working to position the city and the Territory as a benchmark in mobility and logistics projects, thus attracting talent and strengthening our business fabric.

One of the strategic lines of the Mobility LAB is the creation of a living lab that consists of several regulated physical spaces for experimentation that simulate the test conditions of a laboratory in a real controlled environment and under regulations that allow it (regulatory sandbox). In this way, the aim is for different innovation agents (companies, research centres, universities, etc.) to design and test innovative solutions in the field of mobility and logistics. Specifically, there will be six spaces dedicated to drones, autonomous and connected vehicles, last mile delivery, intelligent public transport, intermodal logistics and high-capacity roads.

We share the link to the tender in case you are interested in applying: